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Sthlm 1.0 Black

Our Story

Promoting excellence and creativity – Lars Wivallius watches are all about who wears them, they are about elegence, simplicity and most of all they are about respect towards craftsmanship. A traditional company, we put alot into our design, our process and use our own brand of innovative creativity to bring you the best in wrist watches, which are personalized to match your personality and special enough to make others around you notice what you are wearing.

 With humble beginnings our story like our product is simple yet elegant, passionate about watches, what really drives us is producing the perfect scandanavien design to and for all. Since way back we’ve been in love with what a fine time piece represents, it’s about the class it brings to your personality, the charisma you can feature as a result and the elegance it portrays.

 Bringing together all those various elements into one, Lars Wivallius brings you the perfect wrist watch. Crafted to perfection our Sthlm collection is a thing of beauty, precision and in a class of its own in design. We look forward towards working with our clients in order to make and craft the perfect watch for them.

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